capetown university


7th. MAR. Quadrilha de Maputo& Michael Kuttner venue CENTRO CULTURAL MOCAMBIQUE&Alemanha...Maputo. 2018


8th. MAR.Quadrilha de Maputo & Michael Kuttner,Venue Hotel Terminus.  Maputo 2018


10th.MAR.Quadrilha de Maputo&Michael Kuttenr, venue Arte no Parke.Maputo 2018


11th.MAR, Quadrilha de Maputo&Michael Kuttner,Venue Nucleo de Arte.Maputo. 2018


14th.MAR,Quadrilha de Maputo&Michael Kuttner,Venue Fundação Leite Couto.2018


15th.MAR to 29 MAR Artistis in residency with Walter Verdin in Maputo, Moçambique, Belgium  citz Matola, Sao Damaso Fereira.2018



5th MAY.Matchume Zango Band,HIFA Festival City Harare,Zimbabwe.2018 sponser Prohelveita.


6th.MAY Matchume Zango Band.HIFA Festival City Harare,Zimbabwe2018 Sponser Prohelveita.


19th.MAY. Timbila Muzimba Festival Azgo,Maputo,2018


20th.MAY to 1th June artistis in Residence  Reunion&Mozambique with David Foudriny.2018


26th MAY Timbila Muzimba Bushfire Festival Swazilandia 2018


5th JUN to 20 JUN In Residence University of Capetown 2018.


7th JUL Forte Festivalen (Timbila Muzimba) Norway 2018


20th JUL Festival Sines(Timbila Muzimba)Portugal


23th JUL Galiza, SaoTiago De Compostela(Timbila Muzimba) Spain.


26th JUL Festila MIMO (TImbila Muzimba)Portugal.


23th AGU to 13th SEP  in Residence with Black Roots from Capetown, Recording and perfoming in Mozambique.2018.


6th OCT Chaslarger,Stans (Matchume Zango). SwIss 2018.


7th OCT SousSol,Luzern (Matchume Zango). Swiss 2018


12th OCT Familie Schulthess.(Matchume Zango),Hutwii. 2018.


13th OCT Fabriggli,Buchs. Swiss (Matchume



28th JAN to 21th Feb  Mgodo Track project  MoZambique, South Africa Belgim.( with Walter Verdin, Nomapostile Nyiki, Tinoca Zimba) Centro Cultural Franco Mocambicano.2019


6th Apri to 4th in Residence with Mgodo Track,Walter Verdin, Nomapostile Nyiki, Tinoca Zimba.  Belgium 2019


4th May  Mgodo Track Wolrld Premiere(Stadsschouwburg)Leuven Belgium 2019





























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