capetown university






13th,/14th/15th. september  Parade  Paris (Teatro de Chatelet) 2019.France



18tth/19th/20th,/21th,-22th,September Touloun Ollioueles (9 festival constellation)  France 2019



28th Step to 8th Ocot/   Residency with Cara Stacy, Thobile Mcincinini at Nzango Artist Residency f  Sponser By Prohelvetia.....(Matola) Mozambique 2019


3th October/  Fundacao  Leite Counto `( One Country) Maputo Mozambique. 2019/ sponser By Prohelvetia.


5th October/Clube Maritimo.(One Countr) Maputo Mozambique.  2019/Sponser By Prohelvetia.


3th October Concerto at Fundacao Leite Couto, )One country) Maputo Mozambique.



31th Oct concert at Opera House  city of Bayruth. Germany.



28th-29th-30th November Acra Ghana(Music Africa  Conference) Sponser By Prohevetia. 2019


27th March  contemporary  Dance perfomance(And So IT GOES) with Desi Davids and Romain Capello. France 2020.































NEW CD Wata M'cande 


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