Contemporary Afro-Euro-Asian Soundscapes

2013 > Japan


Collaboration with Werner Puntigam (Austria) and Sakaki Mango (Japan). The trio performed at the Sukiyaki Meets The World festival 2013 in Sukiyaki. The following performances took place in Tokyo, Wakayama, Naha and Miyako. Want to know more?

Are you happy now?

2012 > Brussel


Collaboration with Sabine Kabongo, Karen Willems and Walter Verdin. This performance is a result of the Trance Mediamix project, initiated by the Corban company. It is based on a concept of two artists from different cultures and disciplines working together.The performance took place at the art center Beursschouwburg. Want to know more ?



Timbila Stories

2012 > Brussel, Mozambique


"Timbila Stories" is a collaboration with Walter Verdin played at the Royal Museum for Central Africa is Brussel. Matchume Zango plays Timbila accompanied by the video images which Walter Verdin filmed in Mozambique. Want to know more ?



Contemporary Afro-European Soundscapes

2010-2012 > Austria, Mozambique,Toronto


This project is a collaboration with Werner Puntigam (Mozambique-Austria), performing at Linz Festival for the first time. Musical project portrays soundscapes of Maputo, combining acoustic sounds on trombone and conch shell with live and digital loops of timbila, mbira, vocals and samples. The performance is accompanied by a visual slideshow of urban scenes from Maputo. This project is based on their cd Maputo (2010) and was performed at the Guelph Jazz Festival and at Toronto’s Music Gallery too.  Want to know more ?



Watsamba M’Diou

2009-2011 > Southern Africa, Berlin


Watsamba M'Diou Project is a collaboration with Rolando Lamussene (Mozambique) and Rene Desalmand (Switzerland). The music is a crossover genre of Mozambican storytelling, hip-hop, funk and Caribbean elements.  This fusion music project mixes urban sounds with saxophone, timbila and percussion. The first phase of the project had been presented in Maputo in September 2009 and the second phase was realized in Berlin. The project has been performed for a concert tour in Southern Africa with performances in Maputo, Harare, Johannesburg and Cape Town in 2011. The project was sponsored by and Pro Helvetia Johannesburg, the liaison office of the Swiss Arts Council in Southern Africa.  Want to know more ?

Timbila maloya


2010-2011 > Southern Africa


The band Timbila Maloya was born after an artistic residence organised by the association Kumanakiltir in Reunion Island, in march 2011. Want to know more ?

In Maputo : Invited to create a new musical collaboration with two artists from Reunion Island, which lead to founding of a musical group Timbila Maloya, consisting of Pascal Leani and Jean Pierre Jozéphine and Matchume Zango. After their first performance at the Franco Mozambican Cultural Center in Maputo, the group toured in South Africa.

In Reunion Island : Performance for the exhibition “Le timbila dans le Maloya” at the Historical museum of Villèle.

Art Centre Gesto Cooperativa Cultural

2011 > Portugal


Performance at the Art Centre Gesto cooperativa cultural in collaboration with percussion group Drumming – Grupo de Percussão (Portugal). Want to know more ?

Drums and Timbilas (“Tambores e Timbilas”)

performance at 30th Leira music festival in collaboration with percussion group Drumming – Grupo de Percussão lead by Miquel Bernat (Spain). Performance included a world premiere of a composition “Wooden Mind” by Jean-Luc Fafchamps.


Ngoma Soundsytem fusion festival - Lärz

2011 > Germany


Electronic music performance in collaboration with DJ Zhao (Germany) and Daniel “El Congo” (Germany-Cuba), fusing the african rhythms with electronic dance music. 

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2005-2007 > Austria, Mozambique, Germany


This is another collaboration with Werner Puntigam (Mozambique-Austria) performing at Linz Festival an recording of an album called "Maputo". The sound of that ensemble is determined substantially by timbilas, the large sized traditional xyolphones of the Chopi people in the South of Mozambique. Tinoca Zimba, Matchume Zango, Cheny Wa Gune and Tony Chabuca also play different percussions, electric bass, sing and dance, and form with their patterns a compact polyrhythmic sonority. On the Austrian part: Adi Nimmerfall plays virtous flute solos and Werner Puntigam is not only blowing jazzy phrases on the trombone and conch shell, but also adding abstract and noisy sounds produced on his instruments as a counterpoint element. The phat hiphop-based electronic beats have been programmed by Sickwon. Want to know more?


Timbila Tracks Project

Collaboration with Walter Verdin, director of the company Corban. The project brings to the stage a mix of music and visuals based on the rich musical culture of the Chopi people (Mozambique). Over the last five years, Walter Verdin has been filming the traditional musical culture of Mozambique, which has been on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list since 2005. Timbila Tracks is a patchwork of this music and of new compositions based on Verdin’s video recordings. The concert includes a live performance by Matchume Zango, and the video film includes footage of the eighty-year-old bandleader Venancio Mbande playing music with his sons and talking about culture, music and politics. 

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Quadrilha de Maputo project

Creation with Michael Küttner.



Vamos Marimbar project

Collaboration with the Percussion Drumming Group, Miquel Bernat. Performances took place at the following venues and events: Porto Coliseum, “Serralves em Festa,” 34th International Festival de Musica of the city of Espinho in Portugal; Music Festival of the “Caldas da Rainha.” The tour continued to Spain with performances at the following events: the Music Festival of Madrid (the Municipal Auditorium of Madrid) and the Terragona Music Festival.



Mo'SomeBigNoise project: a collaboration between Mozambique and Austria. The concert took place during the international event “Against Poverty 2008” and there was the recording of one CD.


NEW CD Wata M'cande 


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