Sou Tambor

2008 > Maputo


This project is about a Mozambican writer called Jose Craveirinha, who wrote poems about drums, special African drums. That was to anuciente something and he said “I'm a drum in my heart, i sound like a drum”.



Timbila Muzimba Orchestra

participated in the creation of the Electronic Music Project with Austrian composers and musicians based in Linz. The group performed in various locations in Austria. 




Novos Raios

Matchume Zango founded with other musicians the traditional music group “Novos Raios”.



Maputo, Mozambique

Foundation of the Timbila Muzimba Orchestra

Matchume Zango founded together with other musicians the traditional music group “Timbila Muzimba”. The band is a ten-piece-orchestra made up of Mozambican Xylophones (Timbila) and African Percussion fused with electric bass, drums and saxophone. These large and spectacular Orchestras are part of the identity of the Chopi people from the province of Inhambane, in the South West of Mozambique. Their unique sound, their complex and magical use of polyrhythm, melody and dance, make them the pride of Mozambique.



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